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Friends Thanksgiving Episodes

Episode Summary

Xandra Robinson-Burns and Junie Burns discuss the Friends Thanksgiving episodes, and their own Thanksgivings.

Episode Notes

Xandra Robinson-Burns and Junie Burns discuss the Friends Thanksgiving episodes.

Discussion Qs:

  1. Ross’s mom made mashed potatoes with lumps, Phoebe’s mom made them whipped with peas and onions, and Joey’s mom made tater tots. How does your mom make Thanksgiving potatoes?

  2. Chandler gets a computer with ‘Full spreadsheet capabilities’, so they make a pro/con spreadsheet when Ross is deciding between Julie and Rachel. What spreadsheets have you created for personal use?

  3. Monica and Ross aren’t allowed to play football. What makes you so competitive it shouldn’t be allowed?

  4. Rachel always exchanges her presents. When is it okay to exchange a gift you have received?

  5. Season 5 flashes back to ‘all the Thanksgivings’. How have your Thanksgiving celebrations changed through the years?

  6. Rachel makes a traditional English trifle (with meat). What’s your signature Thanksgiving dessert?

  7. Chandler doesn’t like dogs. Ross doesn’t like ice cream. What popular thing do you dislike?

  8. Joey challenges himself to eat the entire Thanksgiving turkey on his own. What is the most you’ve ever eaten?

  9. Monica doesn’t want to use the fancy wedding china because she’s afraid of breaking it. What do you own that is so fancy you’re saving it, or are afraid to use it?

  10. Joey adds ‘Fire’ to Rock Paper Scissors. Phoebe adds ‘Water Balloon’. What would you add to Rock Paper Scissors?

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